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Pet Grooming The Easy Way

When you choose to have your dog groomed by Pampered Posh Paws NY they'll receive a quality one–on–one spa experience that will leave their tail wagging!

Full Grooming includes the following:

Spa bath with all natural shampoos and conditioners to meet every pet's needs
Fluff drying to keep your pet's coat looking and feeling freshly groomed
Ears cleaned/ hair removed if necessary
Nails cut
Pads trimmed
Sanitary area trimmed
Excessive undercoat removed
Fully brushed out
Hair cut and styled how ever you prefer your pet to look
Teeth brushing

Mobile Pet Spa Pricing

 Pampered Posh Paws NY is committed to offering a relaxing, spa-like grooming experience to your pets right in your driveway.   We service all boroughs!

Dogs $100 and up

Cats $130 and up

Why Mobile?

Eliminates your trip to and from the salon
Leave the pet hair with us not in your car
Less stress on your pet
Security of knowing your dog is out front of your house
Rather than your pet sitting in a salon for hours the grooming is done start to finish with no wait time

One-on-one attention with no distractions of other barking dogs
We never recycle our water
Our salon is fully licensed and insured
Equipped with everything we need to groom, we require nothing more than a place to park
Our salon is climate controlled to keep both your pet and I comfortable

Pricing is determined based on the size and breed of your dog. Prices are estimate due to the fact that every dogs size, temperament, and condition of coat are different. Prices are subject to change based on the previous factors. Please call 347-709-0668 for an estimate on your pet's next spa day!

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